About Morgan County Heritage

The goal of the Morgan County Heritage website is to provide a venue for research and education. We are proud of our history and of the families that have made this county and its communities their home.
Where we obtain our information:
Morgan County Heritage has worked with several municipal and non-profit organizations to obtain information related to the county’s history. However, individuals have contributed the majority of our content. We have been fortunate to meet many people who, through personal interest in community history and family trees, have collected significant amounts of information. They have shared generously and we are greatly appreciative. Anyone who would like to contribute information regarding their family or community is welcome to contact the Morgan County Planning and Development Office.
The Morgan County Oral History Project:
In 2007, Morgan County started the Oral History Project to record the stories of residents who lived through the events that shaped the history of our county: the Depression, glory days of cotton, the boll weevil, World War II, and civil rights, among others. Ten video interviews and 3 audio interviews were recorded in 2007. In 2009, twenty-three video interviews were conducted. Each interview lasted about an hour and the participants shared not only the history of the county and their communities, but also family stories that showed the love, faith, dedication and strength of the people of Morgan County. We are grateful for each and every one who told us their stories and allowed us to be a part of their memories. We hope you enjoy their stories as well.