In 1896 the Apalachee section of the Central of Georgia Railroad was completed. Up until this point the Apalachee community was known as Florence. Due to the fact that a Florence, Georgia already existed, the community changed the name to Apalachee and was incorporated in 1907. The Apalachee community boasted a number of retail stores, two churches, a school, a depot, a cotton gin, several cotton seed houses, a flour mill, a planning mill, as well as other agricultural related industries. 

At one point and time Apalachee was a thriving community. Years of hardship due to the boll weevil and the depression caused the bustling community to decline and it eventually lost its incorporation. Although no longer incorporated the Apalachee community still has a number of families that have kept and made Apalachee their home as well as a wide base of agricultural industries such as poultry farming, dairy farming, hay harvesting, and several others.