The Town of Buckhead was one of the earliest settlements in Morgan County. It is said that Buckhead received its name from Benjamin Fitzpatrick and a group of hunters that crossed the Oconee River from Greene County. In their successful hunting, they killed a large buck deer. To attest for the land being so promising, Fitzpatrick took the head of the buck and hung it on the branch of a tree, therefore giving this area the name of “Buckhead”. Buckhead became a very bustling community which included a school, several churches, a hotel, a large commercial center, a depot, and a post office. It is also said to have been the home of the “Amethyst Road”. 

Buckhead was incorporated in 1907 and still has ties to agricultural character that helped cultivate it. The town hosts several events every year such as the Fourth of July Bar-be-que and fireworks and “Old Buckhead Days,” held every spring.