Park`s Mill

Park's Mill was located on the bank of the Oconee River. As the boundary of Greene County and Morgan County shifted several times in the 19th century, the community is identified at different points in history as being in one county or the other, and was called by different names. In 1839, it is identified as being in Morgan County and is known as Park's Bridge. Then in 1919, it appears in Greene County and is called Park's Ferry. The grist mill is thought to have been constructed in 1807 and the ferry across the river was located at the site. Park's Mill was also the location of the Park family home, which served as a general store, tavern and inn.

A post office was located in the home around the turn of the century, although it was known as Riverside, for its location on the river. By 1930, the mill and dam had collapsed. The Park home, later known as the home of the White family, was moved to Woods Road when the original location of the house and mill was flooded to create Lake Oconee.