In 1832, a man by the name of Hezekiah Rutledge purchased 132 acres of land in Morgan County, Georgia, for $250.00. A portion of this land is where the City of Rutledge now stands. On March 11, 1844, the executor of Rutledge’s estate sold right-of-way to the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company in order for them to establish a rail way through the Rutledge Property. Up until that point, the Rutledge property had been the terminus for the rail way. A turntable had been placed there in order to turn the trains around for their return trip to Augusta. Around this turntable built up a rest stop, hotels, and later a community.

The men that worked on the trains began to call the community “Rutledge’s Place” and later the name evolved to Rutledge.The City of Rutledge was incorporated on December 13, 1871 and continues to hold its Charter.