Swords / Blue Springs

The Blue Springs Community was first noted around 1860. It was said to be named for the Jordan Family's “Blue Springs Plantation”. Little is known about the Blue Springs Community and in 1906, the Blue Springs Community was incorporated as Swords. Swords was said to be named for John Buchanan Swords whose family and farm built the industry of Swords community.  The Swords community was known for its distillery, ran by J.B. Swords. This distillery produced whiskey which rivaled that of Jack Daniels. Swords also built the J.B. Swords Bank, Swords Supply Company, the Swords Post Office, and a warehouse to accommodate the grist mill he operated. 

 In 1910, the Georgia Railroad constructed the Swords Depot and in 1912, Swords Methodist Church was built.