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Frequently Asked Questions


Who manages the Morgan County Heritage Website?

Morgan County Heritage is administered by the Morgan County Resource Preservation Advisory Board.

You can find more information on the Morgan County official website.


How do I find a specific photo/video/interview?

The easiest way to find content is to use the "Search Morgan County" filter on the left sidebar. You can filter content by county, media type and topic. Entering keywords will filter the content based on associated tags.


Why is my community not listed?

If a community is not listed, we probably don't have enough resources on it. If you would like to send us pictures, videos or audio about that particular community, we will be happy to include them on the site.


I have photos/videos/interviews that I would like to share with you. How do I do that?

Morgan County Heritage would be happy to include information about your family or community. The website requires information to be in digital format. If your photos or documents are not in digital format, the Morgan County Planning and Development office can assist with scanning them. Call 706-342-4373 or use the Contact Us link.

If you have a video you would like to share, please call the above telephone number to discuss format and whether the video will need to be edited. If you would like to participate in the Morgan County Oral History Project, please call or use the Contact Us link.


I noticed a mistake, or I have a suggestion for tagging content. How do I let you know?

Morgan County Heritage has tried to be very accurate in the information we have presented, although we will not be surprised if mistakes are found. Often, we were given photos with very little information. If you see something that needs to be corrected or would like to discuss adding more information to a description, please use the Contact Us link or call 706-342-4373.


Who designed this awesome website?

The site was designed and implemented by Hot Sauce Studios.